"PassMedical helped me find my confidence by allowing me to find my true passion of becoming a Medic and helped me formulate my true reasons of choosing this profession. I always knew I had the knowledge and understanding of the profession but I was unsure on how to put it into words when asked about it. From taking the Mock Interview Course with my personal mentor, he has helped me to develop my understanding of answering questions in both a genuine and confident manner. They have also taught me how to answer the questions with ease and elaborate on facts that made me stand out as an individual. Thanks PassMedical."

– James McMahon (Manchester, UK)

"I was confused as to what the application process involved in the Medical field and I never knew that it would be so stressful. I found PassMedical through a friend who recommended them. I called them to gain a better understanding of what is expected of me during this application process. I booked myself onto the Interview Day course, which I found to be incredibly educational and enlightening. They even talked through some common dental procedures which I saw during my work experience. This gave me a great basic understanding and made me explain myself better and stand out from the other candidates in my real interview. They day was very intensive! I took in so much information, I couldn't stop writing!! The Mentors were great and were always willing to answer everyone's questions without discouraging them or making them feel silly. Great course, would recommend to anyone seriously considering medicine."

– Alisha Sethi (London, UK)

"I have found the PassMedical Course extremely helpful. It has prepared me 100% for the University process. The day outline of the Interview Day Course was very organised and easy to follow. The supplementary information given to take home was also helpful too. I could review key points and terms given to me, to help improve my vocabulary and prepare me for my Interview day!"

– Joanne Simpson (Birmingham, UK)

"The first time I looked up help with applications into a Medical school, I came across a Facebook page which lead me to the PassMedical website. The site clarified a few things for me and really went into detail about the MMI Assessment Course. This was the first MMI course that PassMedical had trialled and admittedly I was quite nervous. But it was a very insightful and well structured day. On the actual day, I really like how they outlined the schedule for the day and thought this is very different to what I would expect but it helped me quite a lot as it was very similar to the real MMI course I was invited to. My university was using this MMI Interview style process therefore I found this course and its content to be an invaluable resource for those that will have to do the MMI Interview at their chosen University. I definitely loved the fact that you are challenged with a variety of different tasks at each station. All concepts and set challenges were very clear and helpful. Thanks guys."

– Karim Hamza (Newcastle, UK)

“The thing I most enjoyed about the day was that there was lots of new and interesting information at hand which I was not aware of that was really beneficial. In addition, latest current issues in medicine were discussed as opposed to old outdated topics that I've experienced in other courses.”

– Ellis Wardle (Manchester, UK)

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